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Asrock 939CPU Board Specifications

Support ASRock MotherboardK8Upgrade-760GX, K8Upgrade-1689, K8Upgrade-VM800, K8Upgrade-PCIE, K8Upgrade-NF3
Support Interface- Support Yellow-colored ASRock Future CPU Port *
- 124pin gold-finger connector
- 3-phase power interface

The 939CPU Board with the yellow-colored indication label is designed for the K8Upgrade Series motherboard with the yellow-colored Future CPU Port.
CPU Socket- Socket 939 for AMD 64-bit Athlon 64 / Athlon 64FX processors
- 939CPU Board offers an upgrade path from 754 pin to 939 pin CPU, however, the actual FSB speed may vary in terms of motherboard chipset specification.
- Supports Hyper Transport Technology
- Supports AMD Cool‘n’Quiet™ Technology
Onboard Chip- n/a
Memory Slot- Supports Dual Channel Technology
- DIMM slots: 4
- Max. capacity: 4GB
Connector- CPU FAN connector
- 4 pin +12V ATX power connector
Form Factor- 198mm x 140mm



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